Vive eX Gratia

About VXG: A membership to be proud of.

VXG is an abbreviation for Vive eX Gratia. Vive eX Gratia is latin and can be translated to live in grace.

With a VXG membership you are given an online VXG account, where will be your new home on the Internet. As a VXG member you will be part of a unique and small community.

Many use their business email accounts for private purposes. With a VXG membership you’re offered a professional alternative to this. You will no longer have to change your email address when you change jobs. The VXG accounts are using Google Apps, hence it is much more than just an email solution. A VXG account allows you access to online solutions for handling emails, documents and calendar events and task lists just to mention a few things. The solutions offered, through Google, are the best online solutions available.